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A Popup is a unique Quickify AI activity that is specifically designed to end your course and includes your call to action messages.

Popups do not award points or a badge and should only be used at the end of a course.


This article will guide you through everything you need to know about Popups:

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A Popup is used as the last activity in your course. It allows you to add concluding course information, like calls to action, add links to surveys, and includes a continue button that transitions your user to the Menu as the last action, so that your user can see their course results.

The continue button and the action that moves your user to the menu cannot be changed.


Here are some items to keep in mind when you're writing a Popup:

  • Keep your paragraphs and sentences short and to the point
  • Ensure a consistent tone and style
  • Avoid additional jargon, buzzwords, or filler words

For more detail on creating a course Conclusion + Campaign, including specific types of Calls to Action and customer examples, please click here.



Call to Action (CTA) Link



For the best user experience, use shorter titles and descriptions.

  Character Count
Task Label 25
Title 30
Description 400



Below are the file specifications needed if you are adding custom images.

File Type SVG, PNG
Image Dimensions 500 x 850

Click on the link to download working files: Image Resource (.AI)

How to add a link

Follow these steps for adding a link to your Popup.

  1. Add your text into the text field labeled Description.
  2. Move your cursor and highlight the text that you want to be your link.
  3. Right click the highlighted text to show the link feature, and click it to open the link info panel.
  4. Add your link settings to each field, then click Save.

Highlight text and right click to add a Link

Add Link info and click Save


Can I add a survey or campaign link to my Popup?

Yes, you can. For more detail on creating specific types of Calls to Action and customer examples, please click here.


If you need some examples of Conclusion content, you can check out this article.


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