Individual and Add-On Bundles

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In addition to your subscription plan, you can hire a TIQ Specialist to help with some, most, or almost all of your project.

You can choose from 3 Bundles and add individual services at any time to support your project.

Add-On Bundles

Bundles come in 3 different sizes - Small, Medium and Large. These are a collection of our most popular services to help you customize your project. 

Small - We give you a hand...

Setup Initial consultation. Content and design guidelines.
Design Customization: brand colors, logo, images.
Content Content consultation. Adaptation support.


Medium - We do most of the work...

Setup Consultations. Content Outline. Design Moodboard.
Design Customization: brand colors or custom colors, and patterns.
Content Adapt customer content to TIQ.
Build Playable demo (test version).
Review One round of revisions.


Large - We do all the heavy lifting...

AM/PM Project updates. Timelines. One-on-one admin support.
Setup Consultations. Content Outline. Design Moodboard. Static prototype.
Design Customization: custom colors, patterns, new custom template - Grid, Map, 3D, etc. (optional).
Content Outline revisions. Content adaptation. Review Meetings. Revisions.
Build Playable Demo (test version). Stakeholder review support (optional)
Release One round of revisions. Wrap up meetings. Release support.


Individual Add-Ons

Currently, we have 2 individual service Add-Ons available:

  1. Administrator Training - up to 3 participants
  2. Single Sign-On - Internal systems login integration (e.g. SAML, Active Directory). Requres a reputable LMS or HRIS.

Looking for a custom Add-On?

We've been doing this for a long time. If there's a problem you're trying to solve, please let us know. You can contact a TIQ Specialist at any time for help. 


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