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Getting started with your Quickify AI learning program

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Start with a Quickify AI free account, set up and design your learning program (site + portal), and make it live.


All Quickify AI subscription plans (including free) include hosting, AI assisted images, support, and access to our user-friendly editor to make edits and adjustments at any time. To learn more about everything Quickify AI offers, visit Everything you can do with Quickify AI.

Register for our Getting Started with Quickify AI webinar where we'll show you the basics of setting up your program. You'll learn how to start a free trial, login to your account, use the editor, review  analytics, and more!


This is the Quickify AI home screen. You can personalize the message and the background image to welcome your users. This is also where your administrators login to preview your project, access the Admin Panel, and make changes.



This is the first screen your audience sees after they login. The start screen shows one or more course tiles that direct your audience to the subject matter of their choice - think about it like choosing a channel on your smart TV. It's easy and intuitive. 



Courses consist of a series or sequence of activities, scenarios, and media that engage your audience. By default every course comes with one chapter with a maximum of 12 interactive items of your choice. 



Your audience is guided through a sequence of activities that they need to complete in order to finish the course. Activities are displayed in each chapter with icons that represent the specific activity type. They look something like this:


You can use your editor to create variations of tasks including Slideshow, Video, Multiple Choice, This or That, Scenario, etc


Integrated gamification

Quickify AI is the only learning solution with over 8 years of integrated gamification testing to provide the ultimate end user experience. This isn't "Wheel of Fortune" or some gimmicky sales tool to get you to buy our product.

Everything in Quickify AI has been tested in some of the most conservative corporate environments - healthcare, finance, etc.

Points Each activity awards 25 points for a correct answer and -5 for an incorrect answer. Our points system is designed to encourage progression but someone can fail if they aren't paying attention. 
Timer Almost every activity includes a timer (and you can't remove it). Activity timers show up in questions in the bottom left corner of the screen. If you think your audience needs less or more time per question, you can change the question duration.
Completions When your audience completes an activity, they'll see a completion screen that shows how well they did in that specific activity.
Badges Your users are awarded a Badge after every activity. Badges are completion markers that provide information and encourage your user to continue. They also help your user reset and refocus before they move on to the next task.

Every course has a menu that shows your user their progress including percentage complete points earned and badges unlocked. The menu also includes the full list of badges available.




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