The 4 parts of a TIQ project

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Every TIQ project is made up of 4 parts:

  1. Login
  2. Launcher
  3. Portal
  4. Courses

Part 1. What is Login?

This is where your audience creates an account and signs in.

With TIQ you get an unlimited number of users for one monthly subscription.


Part 2. What is a Launcher?

This is the first page your audience sees after they login. The Launcher's job is to direct audience traffic by showing them the Portal pages they can access. 


Part 3. What is a Portal?

A Portal displays a specific page that displays your TIQ Courses and your important links - videos, documents, surveys, communication tools, etc. 


Part 4. What is a Course?

A TIQ Course consists of chapters and task-based modules or programs that engage your audience.

By default every course comes with one chapter. Within a chapter, there are a series of tasks (slides, videos, puzzles, quizzes, scenarios) that are sequenced by subject matter for your audience. 



Your audience has to complete tasks in order to progress through a chapter. Tasks are displayed in each chapter with icons that represent the specific task type.


There are over 30 variations of tasks including Slideshow, Video, Multiple Choice, This or That, Scenario, etc. Learn more about Tasks



Each task awards 25 points for a correct answer and -5 for an incorrect answer. Our points system works to help your audience understand what they need to do to complete the task but it doesn't discourage them to the point of frustration should they answer too many questions incorrectly. Learn more about points

Task Complete

When your audience completes a task, they'll see a completion screen that shows how well they did in that particular task. Learn more about completion


If a task is using a timer, it will show that is it timed in the Title Screen. Inside a task, the timer in a task will show up in the questions in the bottom left corner of the screen. If you think your audience needs more time per question, you can change the duration in the Builder. Learn more about the timer


After each Task is complete, your audience is awarded a Badge. Badges are notification pop-ups that act as completion markers and encourage your audience to continue. They also help your audience reset and refocus before they move on to the next task.


Course Menu

The Course Menu instantly shows your audience their progress such as percentage complete points earned and badges unlocked. 


The Course Menu displays the most recent badges earned and includes a full list of badges available, a library where you can include important documents, website links and videos, access to direct help and support, and the ability to mute software audio. 


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