How do I preview my project?

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You can share your project address with your audience and preview your project as an administrator at any time by going to your Dashboard and clicking on the Preview button.

Preview - Popup

There's a few things you can do when you click Preview on your dashboard.


1. Share your project web address

In the middle of the popup, you'll see your project web address, it looks like this...


Click Copy and your project address is automatically copied to your clipboard.

Next, share your project address with your audience by pasting your address in an email, newsletter, blog, website, intranet, etc.

Heads up...if you're on a Free plan, your audience won't be able to Login. You have to upgrade to a Standard or Premium plan in order for your audience to access your project.

2. Preview your project

You can take a look at your project at any time without logging in. Click on the View Project button to see how it looks. 



3. Need some help?

Click Show Me to schedule a session with a TIQ Specialist - it's free! Pick a day and time that works best with your schedule.



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