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The timer is an essential component of the Quickify AI user experience and can't be turned off or disabled. Timers encourage your user to progress, display the correct answer when the time runs out, and promote active participation and engagement.


In 2015 activity timers were added to activities to ensure that a user could complete a course in a reasonable or defined amount of time.

In order to adhere to adult learning principles, timers are based on different factors, including literacy levels, across users.

Based on extensive testing across 300 interactive modules, the default timer for all questions is 45 seconds.

Advanced Options - Timer Editing

In 2 specific use cases, the timer was adjusted to meet specific content and learner requirements as follows:

  • Medical - College and Association of Registered Nurses
    • High level of education
    • High literacy level
    • Subject matter - critical jurisprudence (care)
    • Urgency level of subject matter + ability to respond in critical situations: Elevated
    • Timer: decreased to 30 seconds
  • Industrial - Heidelberg Materials
    • Low level of education (high school diploma or less)
    • Low literacy levels
    • Subject matter - safety awareness (onboarding)
    • Urgency level of subject matter + ability to respond in critical situations: Moderate
    • Timer: increased to 90 seconds.

Activity Timers

All Quickify AI activities have a timer except for:


Can I change the timer length?

This is an Advanced Option for experts - Timer Override.

You can increase or decrease the timer but we'd recommend leaving it as is.


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