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Quickify AI courses are designed with a built in, researched-backed sequencing engine.

Sequencing course activities is essential for creating an effective learning experience that maximizes comprehension, retention, and engagement.


In 2013 we tested a lot of video-based learning platforms. The problem? Users passively watch a video for 10+ minutes, guessed the answers to the questions, and couldn't retain the information presented. 

The sequencing concept was introduced after years of fundamental Learning and Development research by our Founder and CEO Jason Suriano, and extensive testing in the creation of over 300 courses for academically intensive industries like higher education, healthcare, financial services, and construction.

We've proven that linear sequencing beats passive video-based training in every way. 

Activity sequencing is a fundamental, structured approach to ensure user engagement and retention of information.


Every Quickify AI course is laid out in an easy to follow grid.

The grid automatically adjusts depending on the number of activity icons to maximize screen real estate, and ensures an optimal experience on all devices.


Grid layouts are defined by the number of activities added and cannot be changed.

How sequencing works

When your user finishes an activity, the next activity in the sequence will unlock.

The following video outlines the sequencing flow as follows:

  1. Activity conclusion
  2. Score displayed
  3. Badge awarded
  4. Next activity unlocked
  5. Points awarded

Sequencing ensures that users follow your course content without skipping ahead. 

Engagement. Motivation. Retention.

Proper sequencing facilitates:

  • Gradual increase in the complexity of information presented
  • Engagement through concise content and a limited number of questions
  • Interest in the next activity based on its icon type and label
  • Motivation to move on and complete the next activity with timed activities
  • Alignment with your learning objectives
  • Retention of information
  • The overall success of your user


Can I remove course sequencing?

Sequencing is applied automatically to each course and cannot be removed.

Can I lock or sequence my course tiles on the Start screen?

You can't sequence your Start screen tiles (courses) but you can choose the order your tiles appear on your Start screen.

What if my users need to complete courses in a specific order?

Use the Course Title, Course Description, and Introduction Message to provide instruction.

  • Clearly title your courses based on order - e.g. add Part 1 and Part 2 to the course titles.
  • Specify what a user must complete first in the Course Description.
  • Use the Introduction Message to tell your users they need to complete Part 1 (other course) before they start Part 2


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