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Every Quickify AI course has step-by-step sequencing built in.


When your audience finishes an activity, the next activity in the sequence will unlock. Sequencing ensures that your audience follows your course content without skipping ahead. 


Can I lock or sequence my courses on the Start screen?

You won't be able to lock or sequence courses on your Start screen. 

Although you can't lock courses, you can choose the order your courses appear on your Start screen.

What if I need my users to complete courses in a specific order?

If your user must complete courses in a certain order, use the Course Title, Course Description, or Introduction Message to provide instruction.

  • Clearly title your courses so your user knows what order to complete them in. Add Part 1 and Part 2 to the course titles.
  • Call out what a user must complete first in the Course Description.
  • In a Part 2 course, use the Introduction Message to tell your user they need to complete the Part 1 course first. 


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