Can you tell me more about TIQ?

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Rocketfuel Productions Inc. ("Trajectory IQ", "TIQ Software") has produced online, interactive game-powered learning applications for small, medium, and enterprise businesses for over 10 years.


Visit to learn more about how we help customers use interactive training to sell their products and services. 


Want a free book? How about a copy of our whitepaper? Head over to our about page to learn more about TIQ Software.


Wondering what you can do with TIQ Software? See what customers have created to help deliver interactive training.


Check out some news, announcements, and notes from the team at TIQ Software.


If you're looking for more detailed information on our tech stack, check out our OCP documentation. We've gone through the most rigorous testing, in enterprise settings (financial services, health care, etc.) so you can be sure that TIQ will work for you.


Interested in what we're working on? Want to tell us what we should work on next? Check out our product roadmap for more information.


If you'd like a demo or a walkthrough, contact our sales team and they'd be happy to learn more about your project, and show what TIQ can do for you. 


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