Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

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It's easy to upgrade or downgrade your Quickify AI subscription in your Admin Panel.

Review your plan options

We have monthly and annual plans, and provide a variety of payment methods powered by Stripe. 

Connect or Enterprise customers can request a quote, including one time billing by invoice, and direct payment options. 

Change your plan

Go to your Admin Panel and select Billing to update your plan. 

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Once you click Billing, you'll see our Stripe billing portal. Stripe makes it easy for you to upgrade or downgrade your plan.

For security, only the original account owner email address can access the Stripe portal to change or upgrade your account. Additional administrators cannot change your plan. 

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Can't remember your account owner email address? Send a request and we'd be happy to help.


When you choose a paid plan, you'll see a charge from TIQ Software - the creators of Quickify AI.

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