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At the end of your training module, we'd recommend adding a link to a survey with a specific Call to Action (CTA).

The last Conclusion task in your training module looks something like this:


Let's go over the steps to adjust your conclusion task information to support your campaign, including how to add a survey link with a specific Call to Action (CTA).

Step 1 - Find the Conclusion Task

Go to the Conclusion task in the TIQ Builder



Step 2 - Add your conclusion text

Add your text into the text field labeled Description.


Not sure what CTA content to add in your conclusion? Here are some of our most popular conclusion examples 


Step 3 - Add your link

Move your cursor and highlight the text that you want to be your survey (we suggest the last sentence for a clear CTA). Next, right click to add your survey link.


Step 4 - Link settings

Add any additional information or define settings like "Open link in... New window". Make sure you click to save your changes. 




Step 5 - Review

Make sure that the highlighted text is visible and includes the link to your survey.



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