Sharing your learning program with your users

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It's easy to share your Quickify AI learning program with your users. You have several options to choose from such as:

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Need to send your learning program out quickly? The easiest way is to draft an email, introducing your learning program, what you want your users to achieve, and hit send. All you need to include is your domain name [companyname] and your users can create an account and login instantly.


If your organization has a newsletter, you could send your domain to everyone on your mailing list. Interested in creating a survey but you don't know where to start? Don't worry! We've made a list of some of the best free and paid survey tools to help you get started.


With Quickify AI it's easy to transform your learning experience into a campaign. To start, you'll need to add a Popup as the last item in your course. Once you've added a Popup, you can customize the messaging and create a Call to Action (CTA) link to any online page, form, or survey - this could be external or internal to your organization.

Wondering what information might work best as your Call to Action (CTA)? We've written some successful campaigns in the past, and have included some Popup content for you. You can also check out one customer example that shows how they added a Popup, the online form type they used, and the type of content that helped them attract their audience. 


Another option is to add your domain as a link to your website. You can add the link anywhere, say subtly in your footer, or you could create a new landing page for your learning program and link to your domain everywhere (like a specific button or highlighted link).

Document management systems

Some customers include their domain in popular document management systems like SharePoint and Google Workspace. Keep in mind that if you add your domain to SharePoint, your user will still have to create an account and login to both Quickify AI and their internal Microsoft account (to access SharePoint). Single sign-on is currently not available for Quickify AI.


If you're an enterprise customer, you most likely have a popular LMS or HRIS. You can add your domain anywhere within your internal systems but your user will have to create an account and login separately to access Quickify AI. Single sign-on and enterprise integrations to LMS or HRIS systems are currently not supported.

Does my user need anything specific to access my learning program?

Your user doesn't need to install any software or apps. Quickify AI works in popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Safari on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone.

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