Do you have some call to action content?

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With Quickify AI it's easy to write CTA content that matches your specific needs. Here are some examples with suggested CTA links [in brackets].

Contact Us

Example 1:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this course.

If you have questions, please [contact us].

Course or content feedback

Example 1:

We’d really appreciate some feedback on your experience. It’ll be quick, we promise!

Please [fill out our survey]

Example 2:

[Please provide some feedback] on your training experience.

This link opens a new tab, so please turn off your pop-up blockers.

Win a prize

Example 1:

Now you’ve completed the course, you can [enter for a chance to win] free swag 

Example 2:

[Fill in your info] and enter for a chance to win free swag!

This link opens in a new tab. Make sure to turn off all your pop-up blockers.


Example 1:

Great work completing the course! You can now [apply for your certificate of completion].

Example 2:

[Fill in your information] to apply for your certificate of completion.

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