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Can you show me a customer campaign example?

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No matter what campaign you're running, you'll want to collect the right survey information. Although basic contact information is important, you can use this opportunity to gather other important feedback from your audience. 


One of our customers targeted 300 retail associates with product training over 3 months. They hit their target in 2 weeks! 

This specific customer asked retail associates to complete their product training module to get some swag. 

Step 1 - Conclusion Content

Once a retail associate completed the product training module, they were presented with a Conclusion that looks something like this:


Our customer edited the default template content, and used the following Call to Action (CTA) content instead:

[Fill in your info] and enter for a chance to win free swag!

This link opens in a new tab. Make sure to turn off all your pop-up blockers.

Step 2 - Online Form 

Next, the customer used an online survey tool called Typeform, for all of their external surveys. They are successful using questions with open-ended text field answers that look something like this:


Step 3 - Form Content and Questions

Customer survey content and questions were written like this (each bullet represents one question per slide - the Typeform format):

  1. Let’s start with your first name.
  2. And your last name, please!
  3. And which store do you work at?
  4. What is the store address? Include your City, Postal Code and specific store location. We can't send your [name the swag item here] without it! 
  5. And what email address can we reach you at, if need be?
  6. One last thing - do you mind providing a rating of the education module? (5 stars is amazing, 1 star is not so good)
  7. Any other feedback on your overall experience would be appreciated!

A basic form with essential details is a good starting point, but make it your own! Add your own style and company voice to match your target audience.

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